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Buying a new CNC lathe is an important step for any business

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Buying a new CNC lathe is an important step for any business

Post autor: thuha » sob cze 02, 2018 12:31 pm

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Buying a new CNC lathe is an important step for any business, but often, people overlooked tool holder choice. Your brand new machine could include a starter bundle comprising two right and 2 angle driven tools-- including external coolant supply only.

That is a high starting point, but can somebody take whole advantage of this new gear and boost productivity? By quoting on jobs one could not work before, and out of machining those parts economically and effectively that couldn't be provided earlier.

That's where modern high-performance live tooling drops in.

Four Unique methods of higher productivity

1. Quick tool change

Reduce cycle time together using rapid tool changes inside the system. By employing live programs using a ideal fast change method, you reduce machine setup period. This means less downtime and more production.

Actual quick change systems shouldn't be confused with resources with interchangeable spindle adapters since these systems do not significantly reduce downtime.

Modern live programs clamp regular ER collets as well as adapters with pre requisite tools at precisely the exact same spindle. Don't pay extra for the quick change. It's part of top quality standard tool holders today.
Buying a new CNC lathe is an important step for any business
2. Coolant through spindle tool holders and equipment ratios

Reduce cycle time and cut material faster with coolant through the spindle program holders.

Contemporary coolant through the spindle tool holders is sealed to keep high coolant pressure over the complete speed range.

This contributes to maximum cooling of the very tool. High cutting performance, superb surface finish and longer tool life will be the result.

Contemplate higher gears ratios.

Based on the tasks, combine greater equipment ratio using coolant through, and you have got maximum efficiency and productivity.

On the other hand, increasing torque by choosing a toolholder with gear reduction, by way of instance, tapping applications.

3. Multiple tool holders

Modern CNC lathe turrets comprise 12, 16, 20 or 24 tool channels. Some machine variations have a couple of turrets. The quantity of machining actions increases with the amount of cutting tools in the system. To put it differently, the further resources in the lathe, the additional operations without tool change which are possible, so decreasing cycle time.

High functionality multiple live tools increase the number of cutting edge tools per turret station in the computer system.

For machines utilizing Y-Axis and sub spindle, driven tool holders using as much as eight tool spindles in one turret station are easily obtainable. The outcome, again, is profit in productivity through less downtime for tool changes.

4. Dedicated tool holders

Particular jobs need specific tools. In recent years, new kinds of live programs have emerged, as an example, adjustable drill/mill parts for drilling at different angles, slitting saw units for cutting a spline or a slotmachine, hobbing units with adjustable angles for hobbing gears (spur gears or helicoidal gears), and ribbon spinning units for screw production. They also provide you the easy, quick shift of the add holder ring.

For broaching of interior and outside keyways or splines, and Torx profiles, broaching components are routine live tools.

Modern live tooling is versatile and flexible. High-performance live tools complete complicated parts in 1 setup in the lathe.

They bring about high-quality end products in high growth. Live tooling contributes significantly to the accomplishment of your company and shortens the ROI of your electronics.

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