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How To Order A Gorgeous Customized Lace Front Wig

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How To Order A Gorgeous Customized Lace Front Wig

Post autor: Meetuhair » pt sie 16, 2019 4:03 am

A custom-made lace wig is your best bet to looking great. You can choose to have any style, colour and hair type that you prefer. It is almost like choosing your clothes and accessories for a grand event.

However, there are a few essential points you have to know to order that perfect virgin hair front lace unit.

Know your head shape

Different wigs suit different head shapes, check yours. Is your head pear-shaped, round, square, heart-shaped, oblong or oval? If you are not sure, stand in front of the mirror and take a good look at your face. Sketch what you see to help you decide. Try on dummy wigs to see what suits you best. Don't go buy the modeled wigs, it may not be the best ones for you.

Measure your head

You can choose to do this on your own or get help. Get the measurement of the circumference of your head, ear to ear across the head, ear to ear across the forehead, front to nape, temple to temple round back, and the nape of neck.

Choose your hair type

Custom wigs are available in human hair, synthetic and blend of both human and synthetic. You have to decide what you prefer. This depends on your original hair texture as well. Keep it as close to the original so that it does not look like a fake. Remember, a wig can be stylish and in keeping with trends without looking unnatural.

Choose your hair style

Do you want it straight, curly or wavy? You can have any style you want. Go ahead and experiment.

Choose your hair colour

What's your preference? Is it blonde or black? Or do you think a hint of red will look great? You decide on this one as well.

Decide on hair densit.

This would depend on your hair length, colour and type. Normal density is between 80-100 % for a full lace wig. Especially for those suffering with hair loss you can get a wig with thick hair instead.

Decide on the adhesive.

This is used to attach the unit to your scalp. Choices range from glues and tapes depending on your preference.

Now that you have done all this, go ahead order your lace front unit.

The best part of custom-made wigs is that you can order multiple wigs at one go. You have the choice of creating different looks to suit different occasions. Can it get any better than that?

More details, shop Meetu Hair.