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6 Reasons to Wear Human Hair Weaves

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6 Reasons to Wear Human Hair Weaves

Post autor: cheaphumanhair » ndz maja 05, 2019 3:43 am

Weaves are never going out of style. But just why do so many black women opt to wear virgin hair bundles? Well, here are the top reasons behind their popularity.

1.Weaves are a Protective Hairstyle

If you’re black, you already know about the importance of protective hairstyles. Box braids, cornrows, twists, and yes, weaves, are all examples of protective hairstyles that cause minimal damage to your hair.
Weaves even help your hair grow thicker and fuller while you wear them, thus making these an excellent tool in your hair-do arsenal. What’s more, you don’t have to mess with dyes, perms or heat on your real hair when you wear a weave.

2.Weaves Add Natural-Looking Volume and Length to your Hair

Hair growth is a slow process, even if you’re using some sort of serum or solution to promote its growth. Without virgin hair extensions, you just can’t attain your preferred hair length within a few hours. You can use clip hair extensions to add length to your hair in just a few minutes.
Plus, as long as you’re using virgin remy hair, your hair will look perfectly natural. Women with thinning hair particularly benefit from hair weaves. Human hair sew in weave can be found in a vast variety of lengths, colors and textures. This means a natural-looking long hairstyle is perfectly within your grasp.

3.You Can Experiment with Different Colors

If you’ve put off experimenting with different colors because you’re worried about hair damage, human hair extensions weave might be the answer for you. You can also figure out whether a particular color suits you or not without actually dying your real hair. And if the color doesn’t seem to suit you, just go and get a new one! Whether you want low-lights, highlights, ombre or a full dye job, hair extensions make the process a painless one.

4.You Can Experiment with Different Styles

Within a matter of minutes, hair extensions give you a lot more to work with! Weaves allow you to play around with different styles, whether it is a thick braid or a princess-like up-do. These limitless human hair weave styles especially come in handy if you’re getting all glammed up for a big event!

5.Easy to Install

One of the best things about human hair extensions is just how easy they are to install in your hair. Clip on extensions, in particular, allow you to rock a brand new style within minutes! No more bad hair days for you!

6.Weaves Are More Comfortable Than Wigs

Another option for black women is wigs, particularly when they’re wrestling with hair loss. But wigs aren’t as comfortable as weaves, and remain at risk of falling off. Plus, they can cause issues of placement. None of these are problems you would face with weaves, which are attached to your real hair.
Given all these benefits, it’s no wonder human hair weaves have been around for so long. If you’re interested in switching up your style, or giving your real hair some time to grow, this could be the right option for you!

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