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flooring is different

Na kazdy temat...... Czyli wszystko co ci spac nie daje albo lezy na watrobie ;-)

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flooring is different

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<p>damaging properties such as metal tools, nylon friction pads, and bleach stains. Laminate flooring is wearable, beautiful, stable and so on, so very popular with the public. Its use and maintenance methods are relatively simple, pay attention to the following in the conservation can make the laminate flooring durable. Always keep the floor dry </p>
<p>and clean Do not use plenty of water to wash, pay attention to avoid the local long-term flooding the floor. If the floor with grease and stains, pay attention to promptly removed, you can use home soft neutral detergent warm water treatment, preferably with a floor dedicated floor cleaning and cleaning solution to clean. Do not use caustic, </p>
<p>soapy water and other corrosive liquids to contact the floor surface, not to use flammable materials such as gasoline and other high temperature liquid to wipe the floor. Laminate flooring does not require waxing and paint, should not use sandpaper polishing. Because the laminate flooring is different from the solid wood flooring, its surface </p>
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