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Portable Nebulizer Machine for Sale

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Portable Nebulizer Machine for Sale

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Portable Nebulizer Machine for Sale

portable nebulizer is a kind of drug delivery device, which is used to convert liquid drugs into

mist, so that they can be immediately absorbed by the respiratory system, and relieve asthma

and other diseases. The portable nebulizer can be used for adult and child applications.

The portable nebulizer uses oxygen or compressed air to evaporate the solution into tiny

droplets. Aerosol droplet is a mixture of gas and liquid particles.
The patient inhales the droplets into the nostrils or through the mouth. Fine mist is more

easily absorbed by the human body, so the portable nebulizer can immediately relieve many

breathing conditions. https://www.weathersavvy.com/collections/nebulizer

portable nebulizer can be used to evaporate short-term rescue medications and long-term

Corticosteroids that reduce inflammation and mucus secretion, as well as nonsteroidal anti-

inflammatory drugs that open the airways, are commonly used in portable nebulizer.

The traveler portable compressor nebulizer weighs less than a pound, but delivers stable vapor

concentrations to penetrate the user's lungs and deliver drugs most quickly.
This powerful portable nebulizer has a 45 minute endurance and ensures 250 charge /

discharge cycles.
The battery display lamp provides continuously updated battery usage, including the remaining

battery life status. Traveler is easy to use and has a one touch operating system, which is

very suitable for active adults and is easy to use in any environment.
Customers have been very appreciative of the traveler portable nebulizer. They say small sizes

- about the size of a standard Postcard - are a very important factor in making a choice.

The traveller system suite includes two nebulizers: one is disposable and the other is

reusable. The disposable nebulizers can spray steam at an angle of 45 degrees, enabling the

user to recline. If properly cleaned and maintained, reusable nebulizers will last for years.

The nebulizer changes the drug from a liquid to a mist so it can be inhaled more easily into

the lungs. Nebulizers are particularly effective in providing asthma drugs to infants and

children, as well as to anyone with difficulty using asthma inhalers.
This is also convenient when large doses of inhaled drugs are required. Aerosol therapy is

often referred to as "respiratory therapy.". The nebulizer can also use a variety of drugs (which

can immediately relieve and maintain asthma symptoms).

There are home (desktop) and portable models of nebulizers. The household nebulizers is

large and must be plugged into the power socket. The portable nebulizers relies on battery

power - a disposable or rechargeable battery - or can be plugged into the car's cigarette

lighter. Smaller portable units are slightly larger than a deck of cards, so they can be put in a

wallet, briefcase or backpack for use anytime, anywhere.

Portable nebulizers compressors, also known as hand-held nebulizerss, are unique devices

that can be carried and used as they are completely battery powered. Many battery powered

nebulizers compressors can be placed in your palm. These models include pari Trek and

DeVilbiss traveler. As with larger fixtures, these smaller portable nebulizerss only have a

nebulizers solution mixer and a suction nozzle connected to a hose, which is connected to a

portable machine, so that the spray can be effectively delivered as needed.

Patient application of portable nebulizers compressor: the use of portable nebulizers

compressor can remove the aerosol medicine from the external source, use it in travel, and

immediately carry out lung treatment when necessary.

If you have asthma, your doctor may prescribe a nebulizer as a treatment or respiratory

therapy. The device provides the same type of drug as MDI, which is a common pocket inhaler.

Nebulizers may be easier to use than MDIs, especially for children who are not old enough to

use inhalers properly or adults with severe asthma.

The nebulizers turns the liquid into mist to help treat asthma. They are available in electric or

battery powered versions. They come in portable sizes that you can carry with you, and larger

sizes that you can sit on a table and insert into a wall. Both consist of a base with an air

compressor, a small container for holding liquid medicine and a tube connecting the air

compressor to the medicine container. Above the drug container is a mask or mask for

inhalation of mist.

The compressed air passes through the tube and turns the liquid medicine into a mist. During

the period of asthma attack or respiratory tract infection, fog may be more easily inhaled than

the spray of pocket inhalers. When your airway becomes narrow (for example, during an

asthma attack), you cannot breathe deeply. Therefore, the nebulizers is a more effective drug

delivery method than the inhaler, which requires you to breathe deeply.

After each use, the nebulizers should be cleaned and disinfected after other treatment. Since

you are breathing the steam in the machine, you must clean it. If the machine is not cleaned

properly, bacteria and other bacteria may grow inside the machine. Please clean and disinfect

as directed by your health care provider to ensure that you do not breathe harmful bacteria.

Nebulizer is a kind of medical equipment. People with asthma or other respiratory diseases

can use it to give medicine directly to the lungs. The nebulizers turns the liquid into a very

fine mist, which can be inhaled through a mask or mask. Taking medicine in this way allows it

to enter directly into the lungs and respiratory system it needs.

How to use the nebulizers? Before a person starts taking medication with the nebulizers, the

doctor or nurse will explain how the nebulizers works and answer any questions. If someone

receives the nebulizers from a pharmacy or medical equipment company, the person there will

explain how to use it. The operation of each nebulizers is slightly different. It is important to

read the instructions given by your doctor for a specific device.