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Wood Floor Shop

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Wood Floor Shop

Post autor: quangongzi » wt sty 17, 2017 9:34 pm

1, the wood floor is before installation ventilated go except flavour wet

General authority connects regular meeting to notice the content of formaldehyde when buying a wood floor board, but the existence that forgot formaldehyde however before installation. Can let a wood floor suit arrive from the processing factory not just for wood floor all wind before installation the climate that decorates the spot, and can go flavour and air. Have so big effect however, need not spend great merit husband however. As long as pack ravel entirely, fold the wood floor into " well " word, do not exceed 1 meter, can achieve ideal result.
When the wood floor has been spread, some owner just can discover the wood floor ground in the home is insufficient suddenly level off, gap is bigger between crural line and wood floor. Affect a vision not just so beautiful, still affect the service life of the wood floor, also compare even sound insulation result difference even. In decorating, want to notice to maintain ground level, difference of the discretion inside 2 meters of limits is less than 5 millimeter, do what will avoid wood floor of a lot of later period to maintain strictly according to the requirement problem.

2, process of wood floor shop outfit should notice flat-fell seam flatness

wood wood floor of wood floor shop outfit avoids glue like Changbianyi, whether can wood floor short edge use our company according to condition of specific district climate to appoint D3 waterproof glue to use glue installation surely, the short edge juncture of photograph adjacent wood floor should stagger the distance is not less than 300mm. Regular room inside shop outfit fabric width uses layering to cut off processing at 12m what is appropriate to the occasion greatly. Additional, wood floor shop should notice to maintain a wood floor to grow the flat-fell seam flatness of frontier way in outfit process.

3, cop of accidentally injure room does not want when noticing wood floor laid

Decorate plan stylist to go out to give directly commonly decorate a master, come up against careful master pretty good still, in case encounter a carelessness, ambiguous to the cop laid of each rooms, installation wood floor interrupted cop however. When the ability when acceptance of work discovers these problems. Want to reinstall cop not just so, waste time limit for a project even, it is get half the result with twice the effort really. The area that decorates a master to make clear watch spring cop reminds before wanting to install only actually, can avoid this kind sudden incident completely.

4, the surface of wood floor laid wants dry level

The exterior demand of wood floor laid is dry, clean, level off, firm, among them flatness should be less than 3mm/2m. If use keel laid, the wooden keel and wool wood floor shop outfit that fills up a layer asks to should accord with Chinese project to standardize association CECS191:2Outfit of shop of 005 woodiness wood floor asks related project technology regulations.

5.Notice the consistency of wood floor laid height

Is beautiful. Accordingly, must have done according to laid ply choose good model, prevent occurrence discretion difference, difference of on any account affects a vision not only beautiful, still reduce wood floor service life. Sufficient preparation has been made before installation, pay close attention to all sorts of notes, had done all beforehand works, will maintain for your after the event the save labour when the province still saves Money, where is what is there against it?
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