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nswer questions abou

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andon Williams shows what Ozzie Newsome and Co. think of the big nose tackle.

* * *

1. Colin Kaepernick is unemployed because he hasn鈥檛 been good enough. Colin Kaepernick鈥檚 job hunt has been turned into a political movement because Authentic Chase Utley Jersey , in 2017, everything has been turned into a political movement. So this may not jibe with what you鈥檝e heard. But Kaepernick is without work right now because, at best, he failed to prove he can be counted on as a starting quarterback. At worst, he was an on-field liability.

So if you can accept the fact that he鈥檚 not worth banking on as a starter, you have to consider how he fits as a backup. This is where I, and some teams, believe a comparison to Tim Tebow is valid. And that鈥檚 for two reasons. First, most teams want their backup quarterbacks to fit the scheme their starter runs, and to get the most out of Kaepernick, you need a system apart from NFL convention. That, as much as anything 49ers Cassius Marsh Jersey , is about doing right by the other 10 guys in the huddle if your starter misses significant time. Remember, they were also acquired and coached to run the scheme the starter鈥檚 running, so turning everything upside down for the backup quarterback doesn鈥檛 often make sense. Second, teams are willing to take on guys who bring distractions with them, but they have to break a 鈥渨orth it鈥?threshold. In other words, if your fourth or fifth best player brings a media circus with him, and forces other players to answer questions about him, then fine. The equation is different if we鈥檙e talking about the 35th聽or 40th聽guy on the roster.

鈥淚t鈥檚 no different than Tebow,鈥?said one AFC personnel executive. 鈥淭ebow鈥檚 not a bad guy, he鈥檚 just not good enough to justify the distraction. Players don鈥檛 want to answer questions about a guy who鈥檚 a third-stringer. Same goes for Kaepernick. And you have to run a specific offense for him, and that鈥檚 not normally something you do for a backup.鈥?/p>

Does that mean Kaepernick was a bad player last year? No. In fact, as the coaches who worked with him saw it Wholesale Will Hernandez Jersey , Kaepernick did some solid things. But that was in a scheme, run by Chip Kelly, that was tailor-made for him. And the coaches had problems employing him the way they wanted to, because as a vegan, he was having trouble getting his weight from 218 pounds to the 235-240 range he used to play at. There was an acknowledgement, too, that he simply wasn鈥檛 accurate enough (without even getting to his trouble changing speeds on the ball) to operate effectively from the pocket on a consistent basis. On top of that, there have been times in the past when he鈥檚 been a difficult teammate, though he seemed to grow past those this year.

So add it up, and it鈥檚 easy to see there鈥檚 a lot going on here, and reason for teams to say they simply don鈥檛 want to have to navigate it all for a layer of depth on their roster.

2. The flip side of Kaepernick. Do the Jets believe they got the most talented quarterback on the market when they signed Josh McCown? No. Of course not. But for the team, bringing in a player who could mesh well with its young quarterbacks鈥擟hristian Hackenberg Authentic Calvin Ridley Jersey , Bryce Petty, and a potential draft pick鈥攚as the priority. And McCown fits that bill to a tee. He actually spent the start of two of his three seasons as a Chicago Bear out of the NFL, after being cut, and as a high school coach. And I can remember talking with him then about what he鈥檇 learned from the experience, which seems to apply in this circumstance. He said, 鈥淚t鈥檚 knowing all 11 guys and it鈥檚 wanting to have every answer, and not 鈥榯hey only play two coverages so I鈥檒l be OK.鈥?It鈥檚 鈥業 want all the answers to the test.鈥?There鈥檚 a process as a person that you have to go through to get there, and in trying to communicate that to young guys. You have to figure out how they learn, what your limitations are, what their limitations are. And the worst thing you can do is think you鈥檙e smarter than you are.鈥?/p>

So take someone who took those lessons, and worked with Mike Glennon in Tampa, and Johnny Manziel (hey Authentic Clayton Keller Jersey , they don鈥檛 all work out) and Cody Kessler in Cleveland, and you can see the appeal for the Jets, particularly since McCown has background with new Jets quarterbacks coach Jeremy Bates (they were together in Chicago). They get, in essence, a player/coach, and the right sort of vet for the young guys to be around. Just consider the player many assumed the Jets wanted鈥擩ay Cutler. A reason for the team to be lukewarm on Cutler was how he fit the above criteria. He really didn鈥檛;聽McCown does, which has equated to a lot of money.Obrazek

On the fringes of the league and on and off the Bears roster in 2011 and 鈥?2, McCown cemented his spot in 2013, played well, and his reputation preceded him into free agency. And so over the past three years, with the Bucs and Browns, he鈥檚 made $14.375 million. That number will go past $20 million this year Authentic Logan Cooke Jersey , with his one-year deal in New York worth $6 million fully guaranteed, and another $2 million in play-time incentives and $5 million in playoff incentives. For context, consider this鈥攈e made $17.668 million total over his first 12 seasons. There鈥檚 a lesson there for younger players. You have to be good first, but being a good guy doesn鈥檛 hurt.

3. Cam Newton鈥檚 next steps. Coming off an uneven encore to his MVP campaign of 2015, the news that Cam Newton got over the past few weeks couldn鈥檛 have been welcome. As I understand it, the tear to Newton鈥檚 rotator cuff was mostly a matter of wear and tear, rather than taking too many hits. But Newton won鈥檛 be able to throw in a practice setting until training camp, and that means he鈥檒l have to get creative in how he uses April, May and June to improve.

The good news is he鈥檚 been here before. An. Womens Christian Kirk Jersey , Womens Tremaine Edmunds Jersey , Adidas Leon Draisaitl Jersey , Authentic Womens Kolton Miller Jersey ,

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