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" Continuous assessment is carried out in the form of intermittent task. This amazing part gives the weightage of 40 percent marks along with 25 percent for objective style and 15 per cent for essay type questions.
" Final test with a weightage of 60 % marks.
Model question papers are not discretely presented for the distance learning MBA in India program. In spite of this, necessary questions are made available at the end of every section of appropriate subject study material. All distant learning sections of Professional Connect are self-directed and do not come beneath the purview of AICTE or UGC. In the varying market situation Wholesale Jerseys , what concerns most is the acknowledgment by the organisations. The distance learning MBA in India Program is usually greatly sought after as well as cherished by blue-chip organisations, as it is a exclusively designed program in Management, widely covering all the sensible areas of management in great profundity. In the modern market of buyers, these professionals will brag improved prospects in Indian enterprises and worldwide agencies as well that are working in India. The distance learning institute as well presents BBA Degree program online recognized by the Government of India.
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