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This allows merging multiple communication paths

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This allows merging multiple communication paths

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Hence, all of the wire harness producers are developing FFC and/or flex circuits for use in the instrument panel. The advantages of multiplexing include reducing the number of wires needed in a vehicle, increased functionality, increased flexibility, integration of system functions and improved systems diagnostics. The use of FFC and/or flex circuits allows auto manufacturers to achieve both goals. The technology is currently being used or investigated for instrument panel, headliner, floor, door, and tailgate applications and it currently specifies in-body electrical applications for Ford, Chrysler, and GM vehicles. Conventional wire harnesses are bulky and offer less electrical integrity. Flat flexible cables are typically used in applications that require repeated flexing.
Examples of applications include: -Office equipment-Industrial controls-Laptop computers-Disk drives-Printers-Avionics-Appliances-Cellular phonesThe drivers pushing auto manufacturers to use FFC are reduced weight, less connectors, package efficiency, improved EMI/RFI performance, the move towards multiplexing Auto spare parts and the trend toward infotainment systems in automobiles.Overall, the result of replacing wire harnesses with FFC and/or flat flex circuits throughout a vehicle (except for headlights and in the engine compartment) will result in a connector reduction of 75%; wire harness reduction of 50%; space reduction of 70% (about one cubic foot of space for the instrument panel); and simplified troubleshooting. The instrument panel is being designed to integrate remote electronic devices into fewer, smaller, and faster packages.All the major instrument panel Auto Gas Springs producers such as Visteon and Delphi, are developing these multiplexed, integrated instrument panels. This has the potential for major growth as FFC and flex circuits replace wire harnesses in the instrument panel.Multiplexing of electrical signals in automobiles is beginning to be used as vehicles are continually being designed with more electronics and options.Flat Flex Coming hand-in-hand with multiplexing is the use of flex circuits and flat flexible cable (FFC) to replace wiring harnesses. Multiplexing and FFC/flex circuits will see their first use in instrument panels as the real estate in this area becomes more crowded and the demand for plug and play infotainment systems continues..
This allows merging multiple communication paths into a single serial signal path. This includes the radio, driver information, climate control, wire harnesses, pigtails, and connectors - all packaged into an integrated architecture. Use of FFC in other areas will occur as its advantages are realized as they are Auto Control Cables now being realized for the instrument panel. Major Players The automotive OEM goals are to offer more options and reduce weight at lower cost. Multiplexing is essentially putting a digitally encoded signal on a wire and decoding that signal at the other end

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