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draw this uneven line composite flooring

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draw this uneven line composite flooring

Post autor: qizhen08091 » ndz wrz 03, 2017 10:53 pm

2, to the floor and parallel light. Four, installation process: 1, cutting the lower part of the door, so that the floor along all the walls are left with 10mm expansion joints. 2, laying moisture-proof film. The overlap between two films requires 20 cm and meets wall requirements higher than 5cm. 3. When installing the floor, follow the light into the window. 4, check whether the wall is straight.

From the corner of the right hand. The groove faces the room. The remaining material in the first row can be used for the start of the next line. 5, if the wall is very uneven, you can draw this uneven line on the floor. 6, before the three confirmed for the floor is very straight. Note the use of wedge to leave expansion joint. 7, the bridge is the end of the way: buffer, high and low, edge, junction.

sum up: the above is the installation skills of the locking floor, and I hope to help you. If you want to learn more, please pay more attention to house decoration network.The locking floor combines closely, and overcomes some problems that the floor can be caused by the changes of the outside heat, cold and wet, and has been favored by many consumers. How to choose the lock floor has become an issue of concern to many consumers,
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