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Some people like the spring of flower

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Some people like the spring of flower

Post autor: ylq » śr sie 08, 2018 2:09 am

Some people like the spring of flowers, some people like the summer of the sun, some people like the snowy winter, but I like the golden autumn. In this beautiful autumn, the little swallows talked about how to fly back to the south. In the orchard, the jujube hangs on the tree, like a red agate; the pomegranate smiles and opens his mouth, laughing and welcoming this fairy-tale autumn; the pear is ripe, yellow and clear, when the farmer uncle begins to pick the pears Newport Cigarettes Website, they The basket is heavy Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping, how happy they are! In the fields, the yellow-yellow corn How Much Is A Carton Of Newports, and its head full of particles, the beard seems to have been burnt; the soy-drums seem to be exploding; the high-pitched red, really interesting. In the garden, all the flowers are all gone, only the chrysanthemum is still open, offering its floral fragrance for the winter. I love this beautiful fallHave you ever had a memory that can't be erased, do you remember those who have d to the old classmates in junior high school and said Newport 100S, what kind of characters are there in this class. And I am also looking forward to coming into this classroom. When I was going to report to the teacher, I stopped at the window of the classroom. In this classroom, someone is reading with emotions; others are screaming with the words flying in the air; and you are the most unique one in this classroom. Use your books to block your shy face, and your mouth is still shaking. It turns out that you are stirring the gum, no wonder your mouth is moving, no wonder you will use your book to block your face. After a few minutes, you found someone outside the window, so you started a fake action, and you were so cute at the time. When you find that the person is not the teacher is me,seems that all this has nothing to do with you. I thought you were an independent and inaccessible person. But by the time of class, your spirit doesn't know where to come from. ut that the same table is not your name, but the nickname that they are convenient to call you. And I like to call you a bastard. In fact, I don't know why I call you that. It��s just that you like to see your angry eyes or something. You always say that if I call you this way, you will hit me and lick my skin. But you have never really done this before, anto chat at 10:30 every day Online Cigarettes. And I will occasionally spoil you to talk to me later, you always say it will be a headache. Every day I look forward to it for two hours. In these two hours, we are free to chat. There is no place we can't talk about, we talked about it when we were young, and we talked about the future. When we know that each other is ill, we will persuade the other party to take medicine and go to the hospital. Howeugh it was only one year, but I learned a lot during the year. Since there have been quarrels between us, those are worth cherishing. I will never forget what happened during this time. I remember every word of yours, and I love you the most.

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