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As the sun rises, the stars turn, and t

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As the sun rises, the stars turn, and t

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As the sun rises, the stars turn, and the past looks back. History has left us with too many meditations and mysteries, and this "year-old ritual" is one of them. For example, the Spring Festival custom has become China's largest traditional folk festival. The Spring Festival has received more and more attention from the ancient capitals, and this has also formed a complete set of Spring Festival customs. The first day of the first month of the lunar calendar is the Spring Festival Newport Cigarettes Website, commonly known as the "New Year." The Spring Festival originated from the sacrifice of the gods at the end of the Yin and Shang Dynasties. The ancient Spring Festival is called "Yuan Ri" and "New Year's Day". After the Revolution of 1911, the first day of the first month was officially named the Spring Festival.far as the Beijing area is concerned, from the beginning of the first month of the twelfth lunar month, every household needs to make a vinegar (garlic), and it has begun to have a "yearly taste." The folk song said: "The old lady is not upset. After the Laba is the year. Laba porridge, drink for a few days? La la la Twenty-three...", the twelfth lunar month is also called "small year." There is a song sings: "Cantaloupe to the stove, the New Year is coming, the girl is going to spend, the boy is going to gun...". From this day on, the Beijingers are more busy, to worship the stove, sweep the house, steam the steamed buns, set up the new year's goods, paste the word "Fu", paste the New Year pictures, cut the window flowers, and paste the couplets. Sticking to the door god, posting money, has been busy to New Year's Eve, began to spend the New Year. The Beijingers always put the "Fu" on the door, the closet, and the water tank, which means that the blessing is coming. There are also many pays attention to the Spring Festival couplets. Generally, the people of the family stick to the red Spring Festival couplets, and the thresholds are affixed with ��horizontal approvals�� Carton Of Cigarettes. The inner court and the princes of the government are all white-labeled with red borders; the defenders (with fathers and mothers) use blue paper; The temple uses yellow paper. The Spring Festival couplet began in the latter part of the Five Dynasties. It is said that the prince of the prince wrote on the door of the palace that "Tianzhu Yuqing, the ground is connected to Changchun." Eight characters, this is the earliest Spring Festival couplet in China. The Beijingers posted "Looking up and seeing hi" in the house, and posted "Going out to see the hi" outside the house. In the past, most of the old Beijingers were provided with Buddhist or sacred statues Carton Of Marlboro Reds. In the 30th year, the most exquisite ones were to put on the nine-story confession; there was a honey-filled confession, and the cakes and cakes in the church were fresh and fresh. Fruit, dried fruit, eight small cakes, rice cakes, dumplings (or steamed food), vegetarian dishes (or fried food). If you have a bad family, you should have three or five offerings. Beijing people speak Chinese New Year and eat and drink. These offerings are actually prepared for people.
New Year��s Eve dinner (also known as reunion dinner) is essential and the most sumptuous dinner of the year. On New Year's Eve, the year-old pilgrim is going to be together. There are cold, large and clear dishes. Cold and cold stewed pig, lamb, cold stewed chicken, duck. The big ones are: braised pork, meat, rice noodles, red and white meatballs, and four-up balls. Clear mouth vegetables are generally tofu, green vegetables, Luo Shi, pickled bergamot and so on. The staple food is mostly based on alizarin Marlboro Red. On the New Year's Eve of Beijing and the first day of the first month, the Chinese people should eat dumplings and take the "more meaning of the older son." Also always put the dumplings into a shape of ingots, put sugar, copper coins, peanuts, dates, chestnuts, etc Parliament Cigarettes. in the dumplings. If you eat sugar, it means sweet life in the future; eating copper coins means having money; eating peanuts means longevity, because peanuts are also known as longevity fruits, and eating dates an

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